Just ‘Link it’ with Cloud CMA

If you love Cloud CMA like we love Cloud CMA, then you already know that every report generates a unique link to its location in ‘the cloud’.  Call us crazy, but we did this on purpose!

Utilizing hyperlinks makes sharing Cloud CMA custom reports efficient and effortless – Just Link It!

How?  We thought you’d never ask…

Here are a few scenarios to demonstrate how Linking It pays off:

– Emailing reports is a breeze!  Simply provide the link to your report and clients will thank you.  No more clogged inboxes or slow downloads.

– Do you have a website?  Create Property Reports for your current listings and link directly to them.

– Are you a blogger?  Write a post about your next Open House and include a link to a Property Report.  A potential buyer could show up with a printed copy in hand, ready to make an offer.

– Like Twitter?  Tweet about your listings and link to a custom Buyer Tour featuring them.

So, how do you Link It?  We want to hear your stories and client reactions.


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