Katie Lance Dishes On How To Facebook Like A Pro
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Katie Lance Dishes On How To Facebook Like A Pro

Back in February, we had the pleasure of hosting real estate’s social media guru, Katie Lance, as our keynote speaker for our first ever Cloud Agent Summit. Katie dished all her top Facebook marketing secrets and how you can maximize your social media efforts to get the best ROI.

Here are our top 3 takeaways from Katie’s session:

1. Create lists on Facebook

One of Katie Lance’s many mottos is to “be intentional” on social media. Being intentional on social media simply means curating content that resonates with your target audience, not just creating posts and hoping it works. One way to be intentional with your messaging on Facebook is to segment your friends by creating lists. When you create lists, you can post specific content that is most relevant to them. For example, you can create separate lists for current/past clients, prospects, close friends, family, etc. and share different types of information to each. For step by step instructions on how to create a list, read this article.

2. Use a content grid

To get the most out of your social media efforts, you need to plan ahead with a content grid. Using a content grid helps makes you proactive and plan your social media efforts in an organized fashion. You can batch your content by doing posts like “Market update Mondays,” “Seller Tip Tuesdays,” etc. Batched content helps you plan ahead and make sure that social media is part of your marketing routine and not just an afterthought. Once you have planned out your posts for the next month, you can also schedule your posts ahead of time! If you haven’t heard of or seen a content grid, you can download Katie’s content grid here.

3. Leads from great content are so much better

Now that you’ve taken the guesswork out of your content and created a grid, it’s time to generate leads from your social media efforts. One of Katie Lance’s top pieces of advice is that   “leads from great content are so much better.” What she means is, people who read and engage with your content on social media are more likely to click things that you share, because they already know you and trust you. Start with a small audience and create boosted posts that link to a targeted lead generating landing page – instead of your homepage. If you’re in need of lead generating landing page then check out Cloud Attract. Try it out for yourself – set up a landing page and boost a post that links to your new lead generating page!

Katie Lance is a great resource and we were so glad to host her and have her speak to agents and give them tips on Facebook marketing. Implementing these tips will not only save you time and help you create content, but get more ROI from your social media efforts.

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