Did You Know? Cloud Agent Suite Can Help At Your Next Open House
Cloud Agent Suite

Did You Know? Cloud Agent Suite Can Help At Your Next Open House

Open houses can be an excellent source of leads, but more than half of agents think they are a complete waste of time. When approached correctly, open houses can be a great way to bring new leads into your funnel and grow your business

With the right tools and lead generation strategies, you can get the most out of open houses. Using the Cloud Agent Suite, here’s a few ways to make your next open house worth your time:

  1. Step up your handouts
    Sometimes it’s hard to speak with every single person who walks into your open house. And while it’s pretty standard to print out Flyers for people to take with them, what if you went the extra mile with a custom Cloud CMA Property Report? Here’s why it’s better. More often than not, people spend a day visiting more than one open house, and a property report will help your listing stand apart from the others they visit that day. Plus, with all the extra content pages, a property report can foster conversation that otherwise may not have happened.
  2. Offer to calculate their current home’s value
    In a lot of cases, people who come to your open house will need to also sell their current home. So before your next open house, create a Cloud Attract seller landing page and save it as an icon to your phone or iPad. If someone isn’t already working with an agent, offer to send their current home’s value to their email in minutes. All they have to do is fill out their address, name, and email! This also means that you now have their email so you can contact later with more listings.
  3. Set open house visitors up with listing alerts
    Another great way to generate leads at your next open house is to set visitors up with Cloud Steams listing alerts. Start by asking them how long they have been looking for homes and if they have set up any property alerts on Zillow or other sites. If they have, perfect! Let them know that you have exclusive access to listing alerts that have proven to be faster than popular sites like Zillow and Redfin. Plus, if they want they can choose to receive new listings via text, depending on how aggressive they want to be at that time. Make sure you take the time to actually show them Cloud Streams so they can see for themselves how easy it is to use. And while they’ll be excited to get to new homes first, you simultaneously just entered a new lead into your funnel. It’s a win-win for everyone!

So before you completely give up on open houses forever, use the Cloud Agent Suite to help you convert more leads! Create your free Cloud Agent Suite account today so you can try these out at your next open house.

What do you do to generate leads from your open houses? Let us know the comments below!


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