Your Life As A Real Estate Agent – A GIF Story

Your Life As A Real Estate Agent – A GIF Story

Being a Real Estate Agent is hard.

First, you are competing with hundreds (or thousands depending on your location) of other agents for consumers that are searching on portals.


Then you get a lead – yes!



You immediately get on the phone and you contact them – because you’re a good agent and you know how a quick response is imperative to your success.



So naturally, because you responded so fast, you are feeling like a million bucks. This lead is so yours.



Then you wait by your phone for them to respond back.



And then you wait a little more.



Your phone rings. Yes! Yes! Your lead is calling you back. You won!



You answer the phone professionally, upbeat, and welcoming (but not too desperate) like you have practiced.



Just kidding. It’s that one annoying client you have been working with for the past year. You have taken them to look at (what feels like) more than 1000 homes.



They have another property they want to look at! Which is fine. Until they go into a 30 minute long story about how their friend’s brother’s cousin is a real estate agent and they could find them the right home faster than this.



You think of ways to get out of talking to this client so often. Hasn’t someone made a tool that can automatically send listings and allows you to collaborate online – instead of on the phone SO MUCH? You start searching on the internet and find something called Cloud Streams. Then you hear your client yelling at you, “Hello, are you there?”



You promise the next home will be the right one and respectfully get off the phone.



Back to Cloud Streams… It sends your clients listing alerts, allows them to comment on properties in the app, AND it has it’s own lead generation tool?



You start the free trial. Because Cloud Streams is awesome. And so are you.




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