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New Feature! Upload All Your Contacts to Homebeat at Once

As a busy real estate agent, you need access to tools that not only bring in new business, but that will save you time. This is exactly why we created Cloud CMA’s add-on tool, Homebeat – to give you an easy way to stay top of mind with past clients and prospects by providing them with valuable information on their home’s worth. 

What’s Homebeat? Homebeat allows you to set up your past clients and prospects to automatically receive a live CMA on a frequency of your choosing – monthly all the way up to yearly. In an ever-changing real estate market, Homebeat allows you to share valuable information about where their home stands in comparison with similar homes to theirs. Plus, since Homebeat is a live CMA, the information is always up-to-date since it comes straight from the MLS, so it always matches the latest market activity.

Best part? Once you set them up with Homebeat, you don’t have to do anything else! And inside Homebeat, there’s an easy way for them to send you a message – whether they have a question or if they are ready to sell and get a full CMA report. 

Brand new Import Contacts feature

Since launching Homebeat in 2019, one feature request we’ve received is to have the ability to import a list of your contacts into Homebeat all at once. Which is why we’re excited to share Homebeat’s new Import Contacts feature. Now you can upload all of your contacts at once to set them up to automatically receive live Homebeats.

It’s never been easier to stay top of mind with your past clients and prospects than with Homebeat. Give Cloud CMA and Homebeat a try FREE for 30 days and see for yourself how you can start writing more offers and winning more listings. 


6 responses to ‘New Feature! Upload All Your Contacts to Homebeat at Once

  1. Hey Mary Ann – that’s a great suggestion! I will definitely pass that along to our team.

  2. Hey Cindy! Someone should be reaching out to you shortly! Sorry about that, not sure what’s going on.

  3. I signed you in November and have asked for help 3 times now regarding Homebeat. The issue still has not been addressed or solved. The issue was on 2 of my first clients I did a practice test Homebeat reports didn’t include homes listing on their street. The customer service agent thought maybe the listing were to new so I waited a couple weeks and did the report again. The homes still did not come up. I fear that the report are not accurate which makes me look like I’m not giving the best information. I paid full price for this and still have had no contacts back from customer service. I think it’s a great tool if it works accurately

  4. Would really appreciate you adding under “property sub type” the option of “Townhouse” and “Waterfront”.

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