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Opendoor and Cloud CMA are partnering to give agents more options to sell homes.

When we launched iBuyer Connect in October of last year, our vision was to provide Cloud CMA subscribers with an easy way to connect with iBuyers. With this tool, agents could go to their next listing presentation with options, rather than just a suggested list price. On average, our subscribers publish over 260,000 reports per month, and we recognized an opportunity to simplify the process of soliciting a cash offer.

Flash forward to today and that idea has caught on. Presenting a cash offer alongside the option to list is becoming the norm as real estate portals, brokerages, and franchisors each attempt some sort of “iBuyer strategy”. Whether it’s Realogy, Keller Williams or eXp’s recently announced “express offers” platform, it seems clear the industry now sees cash offers from iBuyers as a useful tool for their agents.

In our first implementation of iBuyer Connect, we mostly worked with investors looking for distressed properties. Over the past year, iBuyer Connect has helped many Cloud CMA subscribers sell homes. But distressed properties account for a small percentage of the total market. We wanted to find a partner that would expand that buy box to include turn-key homes and we have been searching for the right partner. 

Today, I’m excited to announce that partner: Opendoor. Unlike a flipper or wholesaler, Opendoor purchases homes that are in good condition for a competitive price. Since 2014, they’ve served more than 50,000 customers, and have paid over $150M in commissions and referrals to other brokerages. 

For the past year we have been working with the talented team at Opendoor to test and create an experience like no other in the industry, where agents are in total control. Our initial launch will cover the Atlanta and Phoenix market, with other markets launching soon after.

Now, when Agents create a CMA within Cloud CMA they will have the ability to see if the home qualifies for a cash offer from Opendoor, without disrupting their existing workflow. It is integrated and optional, guiding the agent through the process of requesting and presenting the cash offer from Opendoor along with their CMA.

We’re excited about this partnership because we believe in creating solutions that help agents win more listings and look awesome in front of their clients.

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