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Our Employees Put Cloud Streams to the Test, Here’s What Happened

At W+R Studios our goal has always been to provide real estate agents with better tools. After the rise of portals like Zillow and Trulia around 2008, the industry drastically changed in that consumers could easily access real estate information without ever working with an agent. But as we all know, your MLS data always prevails over that of the portals.

This shift in the industry is what sparked us to create Cloud Streams. With Cloud Streams, you can get your clients to new listings first with alerts that not only just look great, but that also have data straight from your MLS. And because the data comes directly from your MLS, Cloud Streams listing alerts actually beat out alerts sent by all of the popular portals like Zillow, Redfin,, and Trulia!

Recently two of our own employees put Cloud Streams to the test during their own home buying process. They both live near W+R Studios headquarters (located in Southern California), where how quickly you get to a home matters. Depending on where you are looking, homes will often come on the market and have numerous offers that very same day.

If you’re not using Cloud Streams already, did you know that it’s completely free to try? Set up your account today!


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