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Overcome the Zillow Objection Once and For All

You’ve heard it time and time again. “But Zillow says my home is worth …” As a real estate agent, these words can oftentimes shift an entire conversation and determine the fate of your listing presentation. And as much as you may wish it wasn’t true, Zillow and their Zestimate likely aren’t going anywhere. But did you know? With Cloud CMA you can easily overcome the Zillow objection before it ever gains any traction, with our Online Valuation Analysis Page.

The secret tool in your listing presentation.

As an agent, you know that Zestimates tend to be off, but unfortunately, your clients do not. But using our Online Valuation Analysis page, you can show homes with similar prices to the subject property while also showing the accuracy of their Zestimate.

Show that YOU’RE the expert, not the Zestimate

We know that your goal is to show your potential client that you know the best list price for their home. Which is why Cloud CMA’s Online Valuation Analysis page is your secret weapon to show that YOU are the expert and that Zillow isn’t the holy grail. By confronting these figures head-on during your presentation, you can gain back the trust of your potential clients. Then, you can suggest a list price for their home based upon your own analysis, and leave the Zestimate behind you.

What if the Zestimate is accurate though?

It’s true, Zestimates can sometimes be off by 20-30%, while other times they are only off by 2-3%. This is when you want to use Zillow’s self-reporting to your advantage. Make sure you check their accuracy report while preparing your listing presentation. They regularly test and publicly publish their accuracy in major markets and admit when it isn’t reflective of the current climate.

So what are you waiting for? Overcome the dreaded Zillow objection before it even starts and get Cloud CMA today! Cloud CMA, part of the Cloud Agent Suite, is completely free to try, so set up your account today.


10 responses to ‘Overcome the Zillow Objection Once and For All

  1. I personally have a story that overcomes the ZILLOW Zestimate once and for all.
    And I share it with my clients when they ask…. I first purchased and moved to my home in August of 2004, which some people might be the very week that home values hit the bubble and were at thier highest. In about 2006 when they began their estimates my neighbor “queen bee” original owner know it all marched over to my houjse and knocked on my door saying
    “Congratulations, your house is worth $900,000 on Zillow and mine is only $680,000!”
    She was pissed, and hurt.
    I had just become a realtor and we were discussing this in the office the next week and we were all learning how flawed their algorithims were. They took into consideration that she was an original owner who had paid about $450K for her home, and I had just purchased mine at the height of the market, for $885K. Her house was actually larger and with a slightly better view than mine. Obviously hers was worth the same or even slightly MORE than mine on any given date. I have since sold BOTH houses in 2019, hers for $965,000, a new record for the gated community (when zillow said it was worth a million, so at least they were getting closer to the correct figure, but still off by 4%) and mine for $933,000, for the same upgrades, culdesac, epic sunset views, but mine was slightly smaller square footage. We both got top dollar, and we were both pretty happy. By the way, Zillow showed my home on that same week, was worth $880,000….go figure where they got their numbers….Why suddenly hers way too high and mine way too low? They totally conflicted with the comps, but they are getting better because where they were 30% off 10-14 years ago….they have collected data for those 14 years, and are getting closer, but will never be as accurate as a CMA done by a professional REALTOR who has access to every sale in a zip code and determines FACTS based not only on Square footage in that zip code, but location, view, upgrades, ammenities, gated community, pool, neighborhood etc….

  2. Hi Charles,
    Yes, we live in a world that is on information-overload and it can be hard to decipher truth at times. We hope this page in Cloud CMA helps you combat consumer’s trust in Zestimates, win their trust, and get the listing!

  3. With all the FAKE NEWS people only believe what they want to believe, we live in times when truth and morals are what some precieve and others make.

  4. Our local board gives us Cloud with our membership and my brokerage has integrated our custom marketing with CloudsCMA tool for a beautiful and extremely professional listing presentation package.

    It’s all included/free with our local board/association membership.

    Fantastic tool…I couldn’t imagine not having it or going on a listing presentation with anything less.

  5. Thanks, Mark! We are so excited to hear how Cloud CMA helps your presentation.

  6. Free to try for how long? or when becomes a service of choice paying a cost, how much is it?

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