Woman looking up to text Ways to Become a Real Estate Agent People Trust

Ways to Become a Real Estate Agent People Trust

We’ve partnered up with the #1 Real Estate Coach and Speaker, Tom Ferry, to bring you an add-on for your existing Cloud CMA account. Tom Ferry has been coaching other real estate agents like you on how to increase their leads and win more listings while becoming the best versions of themselves. It’s a name that you know you can trust, just like Cloud CMA.

Woman smiling and pointing to text, 98 Reasons to Love the Cloud Agent Suite

98 Reasons to Love Cloud Agent Suite

2020, amirite? We both know 2020 has brought its own slew of unforgettable memories, changes we never saw coming in our New Year’s resolutions, and a ‘new normal’ that we are still adjusting to. The craziest part is most of these changes occurred in the last 100 days or so. We loved, lost, watched our…

Woman scratching her head looking at text Should include the Zestimate in your CMA?

Should You Include the “Zestimate” In Your CMA?

The Zestimate. Sellers love it. As an agent, you probably don’t share that same sentiment. The dreaded “But Zillow says my home is worth …” at a listing presentation can quickly have you at odds with potential clients. So instead of ignoring the elephant in the room, you need to confront Zestimates head on.