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Down Payment Resource partnership with Cloud CMA

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Here at Cloud CMA we’re always striving to bring you the best online tools and innovative real estate software to help you be the best at what you do. We are happy to announce that we have a new partnership with Down Payment Resource. DPR is licensed to 19 multiple listing services and Realtor Associations across the country.

This allows Realtor members to search and suggest properties to their clients, find available assistance programs, as well as including DPR’s into their existing property searches. Which then allows a “match” to eligible for-sale listings to home buyer programs. The programs available are grants, affordable first mortgages, tax credits, and more. All while empowering the home-buyer with the knowledge that home ownership can be more than  just a dream.

Does this mean we can buy the Ranch?

Owning a home is the goal for most of us but, that doesn’t just happen. There are many hurdles that hopeful buyers face. Saving money for a down payment is one of those, especially when first time buyers don’t have equity from an existing property to role over into a new purchase.

Across the United States on average, 70 percent are eligible for one or more programs, they just don’t know it. Either because they don’t have the knowledge or the resource’s to find the information. Not to mention that they are unclear or unaware of closing costs and other down payment options.

“Down Payment Resource is an excellent tool for Real estate professionals. Financing is always a challenge . By integrating DPR’s and Cloud CMA reports, real estate professionals will be giving their clients a great source for making a dream of home ownership come true.” – Greg Robertson Co Founder W & R Studios


Partnership that’s a WIN WIN!

When MLS integrated Down Payment Resource with listing data, consumers shopping for a homes operated my MLS  and it member’s brokers and agents, and icon is displayed next to the ‘for sale’ listing that may qualify for an assistance program. Buyers are then prompted to answer a few questions to see if they’re eligible.

” Sixty to Seventy-two percent of traditional first-time home buyers demographic may be underestimating there potential for getting a mortgage with a low down payment,according to a new survey from Zelman & Associates. Many home-buyers are eligible for significant savings on their down payment and closing costs through a wide variety of home buying programs. We’re just pleased to incorporate data from Cloud CMA’s impressive reports” Rob Chrane, President and CEO of Down Payment Resource

In available markets, Cloud CMA property reports will summarize information about available down payment options, affordable first mortgages , and tax credits.

This is just another way Cloud CMA is  a cut above the rest. With access to programs and information like Down Payment Resource, it will not only smooth out some of the home buying hurdles. It will also give you and your home-buyers all that information by just a click of a button, and that will make you one AWESOME Agent.


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