The Perfect Match – Cloud CMA and Cloud MLX
Cloud MLX

The Perfect Match – Cloud CMA and Cloud MLX

Some things were just made for each other. They are the things that once you see them together, you can’t imagine how they ever existed without the other. This is exactly like the relationship between Cloud CMA and Cloud MLX.

Cloud CMA creates amazing reports that are branded to you and make you look awesome in front of your clients. Cloud MLX is the best way to search the MLS and work smarter with your clients. So what happens when you put these two products together? Cloud CMA and Cloud MLX sitting in a tree…

Cloud CMA already lets you create amazing reports in minutes, but you still have to search on the MLS to find your comps, until now.  One of the best features of Cloud MLX is that it integrates with  Cloud CMA, so that you are able to create CMA reports directly from Cloud MLX!

Here’s how:
The first step to creating a report is to find the right comps. In Cloud MLX, that’s easy, just start typing criteria in the search bar and watch as properties instantly appear.

Cloud MLX ScreenshotSelect comparables you’d like by hovering over the image of the listing property and clicking on the box in the upper left corner.

Property Listing Screenshot

After selecting multiple properties, click on the action icon and select “Create Cloud CMA.” This will then open Cloud CMA for you to finish creating the report.

Make Cloud CMA screenshot

To create a Property Report or Flyer, simply select one property from your search, then click the action icon and select “Make Property Report” or “Make Flyer”. This will open Cloud CMA for you to finish creating the Property Report or Flyer, it’s that simple!

Make property report and flyer options screenshot

Creating Cloud CMA reports straight from Cloud MLX not only makes your life easier, but it also saves you time! (Let’s say AMEN to that!). Both are free for the first 30 days so start your free trial today!



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