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4 RULES for Using an iPad at a Real Estate Listing Presentation

In this article, we want to focus on the dos and don’ts of using an iPad at a real estate listing presentation. The iPad and other tablet computers are powerful tools that perform best when properly used.

The single best use of an iPad at a Listing Presentation

At W+R Studios, before we do anything, we always ask ourselves, “Why?” Why are we writing this code, or why are we adding this product feature, and so on. You too can apply this concept to your business model. Why are you going on a listing presentation? What are you trying to accomplish?

At a listing presentation you want to do 3 things:

  1. Establish yourself as a professional
  2. Present a fair suggested list price
  3. Get the listing!

While we think an iPad can help in many of the above steps, we think objective number two is where your tablet really shines. In many cases, a Seller might quiz you on why you priced their home so low (have you ever had a Seller complain that you’ve priced it too high?). The iPad is a fantastic tool for viewing real estate listing photos. Being able to swipe, pinch and tap your way through multiple photos of comparable properties helps you show the Seller key property characteristics that helped you draw your conclusion.

You’ll find yourself saying things like, “You see in this property they have redone their kitchen” or “Take a look at the crown molding in the house up the street that recently sold” and “Don’t you just love what they have done to the bathrooms? You should think about doing something similar to increase your property value.”

The biggest mistakes you can make with an iPad at your next Listing Presentation.

One of the main reasons why we think showing pictures of comps is the best way to use an iPad at a real estate listing presentation is simple, focus. We’ve seen many agents make the fatal mistake of putting too much information on a screen. Which brings us to Rule Number 1.

Rule Number 1: Don’t use your iPad as a teleprompter.

This is a mistake amateur presenters make by having a Power Point presentation with too many bullet points or too much text on one slide. Great presenters have a single image, with minimal text and speak to that image.

Let’s expand on this point. One of the other reasons you don’t want to cram a bunch of text on your iPad screen is readability. Any text you display on a screen should be in a large font (75 +). Remember, designers may love a small type, but readers do not. But if you can’t fit all the data and analysis you put together in your CMA on the iPad – where do you show it? This brings us to Rule Number 2.

Rule Number 2: Your iPad presentation is a supplement to your printed CMA, not a replacement.

Your iPad works best as a presentation tool, so you must also leave behind a printed CMA with your detailed analysis. This should not just be a copy of your presentation slides. Standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper is the best format for the readability of a lot of data. If you prefer to stay paperless, then just email the client a PDF of your leave-behind materials. Your client will appreciate this level of effort and service.

As mentioned before, the iPad works best as a presentation tool – which brings us to Rule Number 3.

Rule Number 3: It’s a listing presentation, not a research session.

By the time you are meeting with your client, your homework should already be done and you should be clearly focused on goal number 3: Getting the listing agreement signed. You should be prepared to make your case on why they should sign with you and what your research shows the price of the home should be listed at. Searching for comps at a listing presentation will only serve as a distraction – that’s like writing your resume during a job interview!

Rule Number 4: It’s about you, not your tools.

Let’s face it, in the age of the Internet many of the services you’ve provided clients with in the past are now available to them for free online. Your goal is to try and focus on services that are difficult – the ones that your clients will appreciate. It’s a brand new world. Never let a tool, even your tablet, overshadow your drive to deliver quality service to your clients.

I hope you found this information useful. At W+R Studios our goal is simple: to make you look awesome in front of your clients. Cloud CMA’s new Interactive iPad Presentation really nails it. We invite you to take it for a spin!

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