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Winning Real Estate Listings By Design

One of the most important aspects of a good listing presentation is having a comprehensive CMA. With Cloud CMA we have taken great care to strategically design every aspect of the CMA to help you win the listing. This includes:

MLS Data
Any CMA report needs to include MLS data. Cloud CMA works directly with your MLS system to easily integrate listing information.

Page Layout
Photo(s) and listing information is arranged in an aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand manner on every page.

Page Order

The flow of your listing presentation is extremely important. We designed Cloud CMA report pages to appear in an order that helps you close the deal and get the listing contract signed.

Unlike standard MLS printouts, the report pages in Cloud CMA have a larger typeface for better readability.

Additional Graphics

When you marry the right copy (written word) and the right imagery, clients gain a better understanding of the information being presented.

Professionally Written Content
We worked with one of the industry’s most respected writers, Blanche Evans, to write over 30 pages of custom content for inclusion in your Cloud CMA reports. Having informational articles in your CMA helps clients understand common real estate situations and terms.

The Web
There’s a ton of additional content from top websites included in every Cloud CMA report. This is designed to provide your clients with a full perspective of the neighborhood and various aspects of each property being presented.

As you can see, we put a lot of thought into the design of Cloud CMA and the reports it generates. Even the smallest details of our CMA software have been thoroughly planned out with real estate professionals in mind. Our goal is to make you look awesome in front of your clients and help you win more listings with a great listing presentation.

3 Components of a Great Listing Presentation

1. Establish Yourself as a Professional
The first part of any listing presentation is to establish yourself as a professional. This can be done in a myriad of ways. This could be as easy as showing up on time, dressing neatly and being prepared. From the standpoint of your CMA, make sure the first section of your report focuses on your accomplishments and neighborhood expertise.

2. Present a Fair Suggested List Price
Next is to answer the seller’s big question, “What do you think my home will sell for?” If you’ve done a good job building trust with your client then this step will be much easier. Simply presenting a number is rarely a good idea. It’s important for your client to understand how you came up with that number. Cloud CMA helps you do just that in two ways. First, Cloud CMA helps organize your presentation and understanding of the market while you create the report, so you’re fully prepared by the time you meet your client. Secondly, Cloud CMA helps you show the client the process for coming up with the listing price. Cloud CMA does this by displaying information in a format that your client can easily understand and digest.

3. Get the listing!

Arguably this might be the most important step of your listing presentation. At Cloud CMA we understand this, which is why we spent a considerable amount of time designing the final pages of your CMA report. The page layout and design are strategically arranged to help you close. We even have a report page that helps you overcome that all too common objection of, “But Zillow says my house is worth this much.” Cloud CMA sets you up for success by guiding you and your client through the listing presentation with the ultimate goal of overcoming objections and getting the listing contract signed.

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