Setting Up Your Brokerage For Success in 2016
Cloud CMA Broker Edition

Setting Up Your Brokerage For Success in 2016


As a real estate broker you know it’s your year to shine! At the beginning of the year you probably identified areas that your brokerage could improve. So what is the biggest struggle you are faced with this year? Is it branding? Promotion? Training? Tracking results? Growing your team?

I know. There are likely plenty more to list. Plus, nothing is ever solved overnight. But today, let’s talk about how we can solve the issues of branding and tracking the success of your team.

This is everything when you are competing against other brokerages in your area. You need people to be able to recognize your brand immediately – which means you have to be everywhere all the time. To take it a step further, you also have to get your agents to use the correct branding in all of their materials as well. The small brokerage and teams version of Cloud CMA makes this a littler easier. As the broker you can set up a custom cover photo and branded header with your logo for all of your agents. Not only does it make easy on your agents but you are also ensuring that your brand is being promoted.

Tracking Results
How can you keep track of how the members of your brokerage or team are performing? Client testimonials and agent reviews allows you the broker to get an inside look at agent performance. RealSatisfied makes collecting this data easy and their integration with Cloud CMA makes it even better! Since RealSatisfied has an extremely high success rate with survey responses, the data that is generated about agents and their clients is invaluable. Want to know which marketing sources are leading to the most sales? Want to know which of your agents prompts their clients to fill out surveys the most often? RealSatisfied will tell you just that.

Being a broker isn’t easy. But taking efforts to better manage your team as often as you can helps! Try out the small broker/teams edition of Cloud CMA for free for the first 30 days!



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