The Best of 2017

The Best of 2017

While 2017 may have been the year of the eclipse and a Taylor Swift comeback, it also was a year of many milestones here at W+R Studios.

So before we officially close the books on a great 2017, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and recap all the W+R Studios major moments from this year:

We launched two new products
First, in January we launched Cloud Attract, the easy way to generate your own leads with beautiful landing pages that automatically respond for you with a CMA, listing alerts, or home valuation. Then in August, we released the Cloud CMA Listing Presentation Kit by Tom Ferry . The Cloud CMA add-on offers agents new designer covers, new content created in partnership with Tom Ferry, and Tom Ferry’s objection scripts.

We added seven new employees to the team
Over the course of the year we added 7 new employees to the W+R Studios team – including more Customer Services Representatives and Software Developers so we can continue delivering value to our growing Cloud Agent community.

We added eight of the most requested features
Based on customer feedback, we added 8 of the most requested features to our products like the ability to capture partial leads in Cloud Attract and adding a Client Digest email in Cloud Streams. Visit our blog for the full list of major product updates this year.

We connected with twenty five new MLSs
This year we were able to connect with 25 new MLSs across the United States and Canada, giving agents in those areas access to Cloud Agent Suite products. To see what Cloud Agent Suite products are available in your area, visit our full MLS list.

We now have more than 300,000 Cloud CMA customers
Since launching in 2008, Cloud CMA has easily become the leading report tool in the real estate industry. As 2017 comes to a close, we now have more than 300,000 active customers!

More than 9 Million reports have been created in Cloud CMA
In Cloud CMA you have the option to customize your own CMAs, Buyer Tours, Property Reports, and Flyers so you can look awesome in front of your clients and prospects. As we close out 2017, more than 9 Million of these reports have been created!

Aside from these milestones, some of our favorite moments this year were getting to meet our customers at trade shows, office meetings, and at the National Association of Realtors Expo in Chicago. Without your support, none of these milestones would be possible!

To show our appreciation, we want to give a special shoutout to some of our most standout customers who topped their competitors this year with Cloud Agent Suite products:

  1. Becky Smith, Charlotte, Carolina – created the most reports in Cloud CMA.
  2. Madison Ballagh, Columbia, South Carolina – sent the most streams to clients with
  3. Watson Realty Corp, Jacksonville, Florida – created the most landing pages in Cloud Attract.

Cheers to everyone on a successful 2017! We can’t see what 2018 has in store.

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