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The Hidden Secrets to Successful Networking

As an event planner, it’s fair to say that my day-to-day is probably a little different than your day as an agent. My day doesn’t consist of trying to close my next deal or looking for ways to generate leads so that I can land my next client. My focus as the Events Coordinator for W+R Studios is to plan and create opportunities for agents, just like you, to learn and explore the Cloud Agent Suite. 

But after working with so many of you, it got me to thinking about what similarities we might have – and that’s where my ‘lightbulb’ moment happened. Despite our differences, there is one big similarity between you and me that pretty much occurs everyday for us. What is it, you ask? 


And before you move to the next article or tell me you know all there is to know about networking, bare with me. I wanted to take a few minutes to have you rethink your current networking practices because as we enter the new year, why not try some new ideas for this new decade?

So without further ado, here are some creative places and resources that will help you revamp your networking so you can grow your sphere of influence: 

Connect With Your Local Community 

Let your city do the work for you! Whether it’s advertising on your city’s website or attending a local chamber of commerce meeting – these events open the door for you to connect with key people in your area. I recommend trying one or more of the following: 

  • Volunteer. There are so many opportunities to help clean-up, partake in tree planting, or to help at a race in your community that will help connect you with the locals in the area.
  • Attend. Things like a concert in the park, a food pop-up, or a special event – these events draw big crowds and are perfect for connecting with new people – while having fun! 
  • Advertise. No, don’t just pay for your photo to be at that bus stop. Step outside the box and think of fun, creative ways to display your names in your community. Sponsor a high-school sports team, a table at the local coffee shop, or even your community garden! 

Use Online Communities to Expand Further

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start leveraging Eventbrite. 

This one site alone lists many free events happening in your area. Pinpoint events that you know will draw a crowd – happy hours, professional association meetings, and workshops – and let Eventbrite do the searching for you!  

At the end of the day, no matter where or how you choose to network, you need to make sure you have some sort of materials with you to share with the new people you meet. So why not have it be as easy as using your phone? Using Cloud Attract, you can easily capture a lead’s information while providing them with an instant CMA all in just two easy steps. 

Happy Networking! 🤝


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