The Not-So-Secret Social Media Tool Every Agent Needs to Use: Part 2

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In my previous blog post I talked about why Instagram is your best untapped social media marketing tool. Not only can you promote your listings, but it’s a huge opportunity to build your brand as well. Since this is such a powerful tool, I wanted to follow up with an action plan.

Here are  4 top ways to turn Instagram into a brand building, lead-producing power house:

  1. Post relevant and inspiring content
    Unlike Facebook, it is easy to scroll through someone’s Instagram profile to check out their posts from previous months and years. If you are going to successfully leverage your Instagram to obtain new clients you need to make sure your posts are real estate related! Posts of listings, clients who have sold/purchased their home, local events, etc will help viewers to understand your business. Post personal content that further supports your brand but remember to stay professional!
  2. Geo-tag your photos
    Instagram gives you the option to add a location to all of your posts. Why is this so cool? Well if you go to your profile and click the “map eye-drop” icon, Instagram will share a Google map with photos organized by location. I would suggest only tagging real estate related photos to a location so you can easily show people on a map that you are a neighborhood expert. You can share screenshots of this map as another Instagram post or on your website with Instagram-related apps. Remember, even if content on someone else’s profile isn’t public, it can be if you share it – quick and easy content!
  3. Build your brand with a unique hashtag
    Last month we talked about the #fastagent and the way he grew his business by successfully promoting his brand through his unique hashtag. Not only can other people find you easily by searching for your hashtag, but you can also keep track of when other people mention you as well! Make sure your hashtag is truly unique and isn’t too long. This may take some brainstorming, but here are a few examples to get you thinking: #SoldByKarenG, #EdSellsHuntingtonBeach, or #YourLagunaBeachRealtor.
  4. Use Instagram to prospect for new clients
    Just like Twitter, you can search for photos that people post in your local market. Liking people’s photos of neighborhood restaurants, events, etc. that you attend as well is a great way to start conversations and build relationships. Also, follow active people in your area! It’s a great way to connect and generate followers for yourself as well.

As with most social media efforts it can be hard to track direct results. You rarely can find an “if I do X, then I will get Y result.” However, coming up with a social media strategy and sticking to your objective along the way will help you to obtain new clients and grow your influence in your community over time.

Okay, now you have the tools to turn your Instagram into a branding, lead generating, social media powerhouse! First, come up with your goal with social media such as, “Get 100 followers in 6 months”. Then, start by posting one image every day or at least every other day. Also, make sure you spend at least one hour prospecting (liking relevant photos in your area and following relevant people) a week.

Feel free to leave us comments below along the way! We love to hear from you.     


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