The Wait Is Over! Map Search Is Now Available in Cloud Streams!
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The Wait Is Over! Map Search Is Now Available in Cloud Streams!

Searching for the perfect home is a different process for every single person. In addition, searching by city or zip code in specific locations does not always work. Sometimes clients are interested in specific neighborhoods within in a zip code, so setting up listing alerts can be extremely difficult!

Ever since Cloud Streams was released back in April 2014, people have been asking for the ability to search for homes in a predetermined area by drawing on a map.

Map Search Tweets

Agents, like you, requesting map search in Cloud Streams.

We heard you, and we thought, “you’re right, that’s exactly what you need” so we went to work on it. Adding new features to existing products can be tricky and take time to get them right. However, we have spent the past few months working hard to make sure we could deliver this new feature just for you!

Since this is our initial release of the feature, here are a few pointers and things to keep in mind:

  • The Map Search is only available through the “Valet” option – meaning, only you, the agent, can use it.
  • Areas can be drawn with the rectangular tool or the polygon tool then can be edited easily with the “edit layers” button
  • We recommend naming the area that you just drew something recognizable such as, “Willow Creek Elementary School Zone” or “Waterfront Properties”
  • To start over, simply hit the trash can icon and then click what you want to erase!

Here is what the Map Search feature looks like in Cloud Streams:


Choose the new “Map” button when defining your search criteria in Cloud Streams.


With Cloud Streams’ new polygon map search, you can section off any area you’d like to create a stream for. You are no longer limited to city or zip code.

As always, adding features like the map search to Cloud Streams is another way that everyone here at W&R Studios is dedicated to your success in real estate. We are here to help you!

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