The W+R Studios Team Keeps Growing!

The W+R Studios Team Keeps Growing!

We keep growing here at W+R Studios! We’ve recently added three awesome new members to our team to help us continue to deliver great products for our customers. Let’s meet the newest members of the W+R Studios team!

Angela Garofalo

Angela Garofalo

Angela Garofalo
Project Manager
“The Climber”
Angela joins W+R Studios as our newest project manager. She has worked at several companies in the technology industry and now brings her expertise to us! Angela has lived in Sacramento and now currently resides in Orange County. Angela and her fiancé are avid rock climbers and love taking trips out to Joshua Tree on the weekends. Angela is also a bird mom to a whiteface pied cockatiel named Pekkle. Welcome Angela!




Doug Shamoo

Doug Shamoo

Doug Shamoo
“The Foreign Expert”

Doug comes to us with a very interesting background. He has tons of experience in web development, specializing in JavaScript and Front End Development. Since graduating from college Doug has worked for several game/software companies. His resume includes companies like Hack Reactor, Gamewave Interactive, and Qihu360 (an antivirus software company that runs on essentially every computer in China). Doug grew up right here in Huntington Beach, but lived in Beijing for about 3.5 years. During his time in Beijing, the Chinese government certified him as a “Foreign Expert,” which means he holds a bachelor’s degree or higher and is capable of teaching. Welcome Doug!

Alicia 2

Alicia Macrides

Alicia Macrides
Marketing/Office Assistant
“New Joisey”

Alicia joins the W+R Studios team all the way from New Jersey. After obtaining her degree in Communications and Marketing from Mommouth University, she worked in finance for a health care systems company before moving out to California. Once settled, she brought her skills to a medical device company by helping them organize trade shows, sales meetings, etc. In her free time she loves to hike, swim, read, and listen to music – so needless to say she has been enjoying the California sunshine over the New Jersey snow! She is also a dog parent to a 5 year old Golden Doodle (Golden Retriever + Poodle) named Lucy. We are thrilled to have Alicia join our team!


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  1. Thank you for correcting it so promptly, I have over 700 pages with it on the website!
    I actually twitted you about 4 times and wrote emails, and placed 3 calls to support, only feedback I got was from this blog!


  2. Hi Alexei, thank you for bringing that to our attention – that is a bug that has been resolved. We’re sorry for the trouble it caused :-/
    If you ever need help in the future the fastest way to get ahold of someone is to email or call us at 855.977.8834.

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    You can see that when you insert my link into the checker it shows that Header X-Frame-Options found.

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