Update! New Cloud CMA Feature
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Update! New Cloud CMA Feature

There’s nothing customers appreciate more than being listened to, and at W+R Studios, we value your feedback. With that said, we heard you and just added the most requested feature of all time to Cloud CMA:

Introducing PDF Uploads!
You can now easily upload an unlimited number of your own custom PDF pages to your Cloud CMA reports. This new feature provides you with more customization with your reports, like adding a cover page or pages of your own unique content. Hooray!

How to add custom pages
Go to the the “custom pages” tab in your user settings. Simply upload your custom PDF page, name it something specific, and then hit save.

These pages will now be available to add to your reports during the “Customize” step, just like adding any other page, using the “+” button, or simply by dragging them into your report.

Go ahead and start adding your own custom content pages today!  Cloud CMA is free for the first 30 days, so start your free trial today!



11 responses to ‘Update! New Cloud CMA Feature

  1. Hi Dan – There are many agents that feel that the QR Codes are useful, but we understand your point. This has been added to our list of requested features and we’ll keep you posted on any future releases that may include this.

  2. +1 to Staci’s comments. NO BODY USES THE QR CODES! And they really detract from the look of the page. So I strongly disagree that they are useful. At least give us the option to remove them. This issue has been brought up in then past and not dealt with. I love CloudCMA but it’s very frustrating seeing this issue still outstanding.

  3. Hi Donna – Sorry to hear that. We’ve added this to our list of requested features, so we’ll keep you posted on any future releases that may include this. ????

  4. Hi Staci – We currently do not have a way to remove the QR code from the contact me page. This code is actually very helpful because it not only allows clients to digitally store their report, but it also allows them to share the report with someone else if they are viewing a printed copy. We’ve added this to our list of requested features so we’ll keep you posted on any future releases that may include this. 🙂

  5. How can you get the bar code off of the “contact me” page. I could be wrong but I feel the barcode scan feature is outdated and no one uses it.

  6. Hi Donna – I know some agents found some workarounds in the past to upload their own PDFs to their reports. Our new feature now allows users to easily upload these PDF files directly to their Cloud CMA reports!

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