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Upgrade your CMAs and WIN this Year

With more than 500,000 real estate agents nationwide using Cloud CMA, it’s no secret that it’s the leading reporting tool in the industry. In minutes, you can create a full CMA report with data straight from the MLS that looks awesome to your clients, with little effort on your part! But being able to pull comps in minutes is really just half of what Cloud CMA can do. In addition, you can customize your CMA report to include pages with information about the selling or buying process. These content pages help you to confront common questions that your client might have about the real estate process head-on. Doing so helps you gain their trust and will in turn foster a better relationship between you and your client. 

While using Cloud CMA already gives you a leg up on other agents who for example, still bring MLS printouts to their listing presentations, did you know that you can easily upgrade your Cloud CMA reports so you can win even MORE listings this year?  

Meet the Cloud CMA Power Pack. 

Select one of the 74 Designer Covers to add to your Cloud CMA reports. 

When preparing a CMA for a listing presentation, think of it as a representation of what the potential client can expect when working with you. After you leave the presentation, motivated sellers will continue to look at the information you leave behind. With the Cloud CMA Power Pack you can choose from 74 Designer Covers to add to the front of your report. These covers are professional looking and bring an extra designer element to your reports. After all, a listing presentation is your time to impress, so why not go the extra mile?! 

Add extra content pages to your reports. 

The content pages included in Cloud CMA have been written by real estate experts and cover important topics such as, “How to effectively price your home”. These pages help agents, like you, effectively communicate to clients what to expect during the real estate process. And with the Power Pack, you get access to an additional 25 pages – which means you’ll have access to 50 content pages in total! 

If you are looking for ways to increase your listing presentation close percentage or ways to stand out amongst the competition, then look no further! Get the Power Pack free for 30 days and get a special discounted rate when you sign up during the month of January (and choose to keep it past your trial). 

To learn more about the Power Pack or to see it in action, visit this website.


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