Using Cloud CMA at your next Open House.

The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) has announced it’s Nationwide Open House Weekend is April 28th and 29th. In preparation for this I thought it would be good to share with you an innovative way to use Cloud CMA at your next Open House.

As any Cloud CMA subscriber can tell you Cloud CMA has many reports sets, not just CMAs. These include:

Buyer Tour
Property Report

From the list above you can see that 75% of the reports in Cloud CMA are really geared toward Buyers. Earlier this year we introduced a new feature in Cloud CMA that lets you change the headline of the report on the cover page.

We did this because we saw our customers linking to a Cloud CMA report and calling it a “Neighborhood Activity Report” or “Market Activity Report”. That got us thinking, if customers are using the reports in different ways why not give them the ability to name the reports themselves?

One particular use case we saw we thought was quite clever was using a Cloud CMA Buyer Tour as a “Open House Tour” or “Neighborhood Open Houses”. The idea is that you create a Buyer Tour with only Open Houses in a certain neighborhood or area (such as your farm or a certain zip code). Many MLS systems now let you search upon Open Houses making the process quite simple.

Here are the steps:

1. Search on the MLS and find the area Open Houses you want to feature in your report.
2. Create a Buyer Tour report in Cloud CMA that included those listings.

* TIP: For the Client Name use the area name. For example: “Downtown Huntington Beach”.

3. A the Customize Step, rename the report to one of our suggested Cover Page headlines, or Type in your own text.

4. Publish the report.


Now that you have the report created here are a few ways to use them at your next Open House!

1. You may opt to print many of the reports and hand them out to Buyers as they come to your Open House. Remember every report is branded and personalized with your contact information.

2. Or you could simply print one report and if anyone asks for a copy just ask for their email and send them a link to the report.

3. You can also copy and paste the QR Code (available under the Share link ) for the report and create a single page flyer (See Example) that makes it easy for people with a QR reader app on their smartphone and scan. The report will be immediately accessible on their smartphone or iPad!

With any of these solutions you’ll surely impress any Buyer who walks in to your next Open House!

Have a great weekend!


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