Ways to Become a Real Estate Agent People Trust

We know that life has certainly been an adjustment lately. People are more wary than ever, especially when it comes to relocation, be it out of desire or necessity. Trust has been harder to gain, and when it is, it’s a wonderful and precious thing. 

As a real estate agent, you are constantly balancing your expert market knowledge with keeping clients happy and this can be hard, especially when it comes to pricing during a listing presentation. How you handle pricing objections at a listing presentation can determine if you get the listing, and sometimes this is easier said than done. 

How does it work?

In addition to the many tools that Cloud Agent Suite offers – Cloud Streams and Cloud Attract — we’ve partnered up with the #1 Real Estate Coach and Speaker, Tom Ferry, to bring you an add-on for your existing Cloud CMA account. 

All Real Estate agents face challenges. According to Tom Ferry, 87% of real estate agents fail within the first five years. Tom Ferry has been coaching other real estate agents like you on how to increase their leads and win more listings while becoming the best versions of themselves. It’s a name that you know you can trust, just like Cloud CMA.

The Cloud CMA Listing Presentation Kit by Tom Ferry gives you some amazing additional pages and 20 custom cover pages to choose from, that are only available in this add-on. Once you have it, you can include the pages during the “Customize” stage of report creation or editing.

What’s under the hood?

Here’s the low down of what you’ll get:

Designer Covers

Give your reports a magazine look and feel. Choose from 20 new covers that help illustrate the most common reasons people move.


A picture says a thousand words! Add 20+ hand-drawn custom illustrations tailored to the Cloud CMA Listing Presentation Kit by Tom Ferry.

Custom Content Pages

With the help of Tom Ferry, we’ve created additional custom content to help educate your clients on the selling process.

Objection Scripts

You’ll get Tom Ferry’s very own scripts to overcome objections. These pre-written scripts will help you close the gap between objections and getting the listing.

We already know you’re a trustworthy agent, and we want to help you spread the word.  Overcome objections, win more listings, build your client’s trust and grow your business with the Cloud CMA Listing Presentation Kit by Tom Ferry.

Sign up for the Cloud CMA Listing Presentation Kit by Tom Ferry and take it for a spin, free for 30 days! 



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