Wear your REALTOR® Pin

Are you wearing your REALTOR® Pin?

With Cloud CMA up your sleeve, wearing you REALTOR® Pin is an easy way to drive business and convert prospects.

Say you meet a new prospect on the go because they noticed your REALTOR® Pin; why hand them a business card, when you can put an entire Cloud CMA Property Report in their inbox?

With Cloud CMA you can generate and share custom Property Reports from your smartphone or tablet by simply sending an email.  Siri can even do it for you.  Check out this video for reference:

This trick not only amazes your prospect, but also serves as a lead capture.  By acquiring the prospect’s email address, you can easily follow up at a later time.

So, don’t leave home without you REALTOR® Pin.  With Cloud CMA and your mobile device, watch prospects transform into clients right before your eyes!


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