We’re hiring – again!

It’s been a good year at W&R Studios and we continue to grow behind the huge popularity of Cloud CMA. We’ve got several new products in the pipeline and need some help, so we’re hiring another new programmer. Tell a friend!

Rails Dev
W&R Studios
Huntington Beach, CA

W&R Studios is currently looking for an experienced Rails developer to help expand it’s suite of products. We have some Rails 2/Ruby 1.8/MySQL/Prototype web apps and Sinatra/Ruby 1.8 web services that we maintain and enhance. We are creating new Rails 3/Ruby 1.9/MySQL/MongoDB/jQuery web apps and need your help.

We create focused web apps, mostly for the residential real estate industry, in the vein of 37 Signals. This is our third startup in this industry, the other two being listed on the Inc 500 and resulting in successful exits. We have a beautiful new office on Main St in Huntington Beach, CA just steps from the pier, but will consider a responsible, experienced programmer to work off-site. We’re looking for smart people who want to do great work. We have a laid back culture, but we demand elegant software and are very results driven.

Send resume, blog, github account, etc, to


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  1. Relevant to the instructional MLS feeder vid w/Greg Robertson for first time accounts; Nice walk through over the YouTube engine. My office in Michigan will be directed to engage the product, guys. We need efficienncy like this app! Thanks and call me for anything else new and exciting.
    -Bob Bowden, Coldwell Banker 586.405.1614

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