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What’s Behind Opendoor – An Inside Look

It’s no secret that the iBuyer movement has been gaining some serious traction and innovating the way agents do business in the real estate industry. And while innovation can be a positive thing, the iBuyer movement has definitely ruffled some feathers. 

So naturally, when we announced our partnership with Opendoor, not everyone was a fan. This is why we decided to co-host a webinar with Tyler Hixson, Opendoor’s Director of Real Estate Partnerships & Strategy, to explain the nature of our partnership, what it will mean to our customers, and to answer any questions or concerns real estate agents might have. Our goal at W+R Studios has always been transparency, and we sought to do just that in this webinar.

Attendees got an inside look at:

  • Opendoor’s business model.
  • What Opendoor’s process looks like for your clients.
  • How you, the agent, can benefit from working with Opendoor.
  • The common misconceptions about Opendoor.
  • How the Opendoor and Cloud CMA integration works.
  • How you and your client’s information is protected. 

But don’t take our word for it. Check out a recording of the webinar below to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Still have questions? Find out more about Opendoor’s integration with Cloud CMA here!


4 responses to ‘What’s Behind Opendoor – An Inside Look

  1. Hi Stan,

    We’re currently working with OpenDoor in two of their markets, but hope to see that expand in the near future. We don’t have timelines set for specific cities right now, but stay tuned to for more info.

  2. Hey Ray – We don’t share your CMAs or data with Opendoor. If the home you are creating a CMA for fits their criteria we simply give you the option to connect with Opendoor so you can present this option to your client. The webinar recording answers a lot of these questions, but you can also check out this blog as well for more detailed information about the process:

  3. I just want to know if CMA’s that brokers or Realtors make are used by this company in its Ibuyer program. Mattering on the answer I will probably stop using the software now since you are moving into my territory. Also why allow a large company to use my work for Free.

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