W&R Studios “Hack Week” – Part 2

W&R Studios “Hack Week” – Part 2

In yesterday’s Part 1 of this series, I gave you a brief overview of W&R Studios’s very first “hack week” where our developers were teamed up in pairs and tasked with building a new product completely from scratch. Today I’m going to give you an in depth look at team Jon/Paul (aka “the Beatles”).

paul and Jon

Meet Jon Druse! (pictured right)
Jon is a Senior Developer at W&R studios and around here his claim to fame is that he used to be in a Christian Heavy Metal band. And he still looks the part. He’s toured all over the world with his band, and has some great stories to keep us entertained at W&R Studios headquarters. As a developer, I would say his specialty is in “back-end” related projects. What this means is that he’s is always keeping himself up to date on the latest and greatest development methods – from the ground up. Building the developmental foundation for a new product is critical for it’s long term success and functionality, so this is a great quality. From time to time, Jon sinks back into his music roots to strum on a guitar in the office to try and figure out some tricky type of code.

Now, meet Paul Gustafson! (pictured left)
Paul came to us from the Honest Company, a company focused on creating natural, safe, and environmentally sound products for the home and family. Oh and it’s founded by Jessica Alba. So why Paul went from seeing Jessica Alba in the office from time to time to working at W&R Studios is a question a lot of us still ask! But, we’re thrilled he’s here. He’s a newer member of our development team, and has already contributed so much by building the Cloud Streams iOS app.

So that’s the team, Jon and Paul, and together they tackled Cloud MLX. The basic concept is that it should be a product that serves as an alternative to the front-end of your MLS system. This product concept is near and dear to my heart since Dan and I built a similar product at a previous company. With that said, however, neither Dan nor I were allowed to get too involved in defining what Cloud MLX should be. We wanted the new product to come from the fresh perspective of Jon and Paul.

Now, remember! Jon and Paul only had a week to work on this project. Neither of them are professional front end developers/designers. And neither of them are professional speakers or presenters. But either way, we think they did a great job!

So without further ado, I present to you the raw footage of Jon and Paul’s presentation to the entire company on Cloud MLX!


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  1. I know some MLS’s that prefer customizable labels. What would it entail to allow for customizable labels? For example, using “Folder” instead of “Cart” for Frisco MLS area? 🙂 This was fun to watch, I don’t see much attention given to MLS development, unless a person is in the industry.

  2. Congratulations in all your products! always made thinking of us, The Realtors® plus you guys are located in CALIFORNIA!!! Beautiful Thank You Very Much!!

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