W&R Studios “Hack Week” – Part 3

In last week’s post, Part 2 of this series, we gave you the chance to see one of the products hatched during our “hack week” – “Cloud MLX”.  This product was created with the idea that it could be used as an alternative front-end to an MLS system.

This time I’m going to highlight our other team of developers, Tory and Derek.  Their product was “Cloud Open House” – an easy way to host, promote, and follow up with leads at an Open House.  And of course, make agents look awesome while doing it.

Tory 550

Tory Brady – Senior Developer at W&R Studios

Meet Tory Brady!
Tory has been with W&R Studios for about 3 years.  He began his career as an electrician, so it’s safe to say he’s been in real estate a long time.  Tory likes to surf and has even spent some time living in Australia.  He has a great eye for design, as you will see in the video below.  Back in 2012, we released a Spanish version of Cloud CMA and Tory starred in our release video. He improvised the whole thing and it’s pretty hilarious. Check it out for a quick laugh.

Derek 550

Derek Rush – Senior Developer at W&R Studios

Meet Derek Rush
Derek has been with us for a little over 3 years, and was the first developer (aside from Dan Woolley) to join W&R Studios.  Derek makes me jealous because he can grow a phenomenal beard. And I cannot. He likes going to gym, discussing politics, and learning new tech. When he’s not at the office, he likes to hang with his nieces and their pugs.

Tory and Derek hunkered down during “hack week” to build “Cloud Open House” from the ground up. In just one week they built what you’ll see in the video below, which is a really fresh take on Open House software. I know there are already a few other products centered around Open Houses, one the most popular is Open House Pro, but I think you’ll agree that this concept is unique.

So lets get to it. Here is the raw footage of Tory and Derek’s product, “Cloud Open House”. Just remember, they’re developers – not professional presenters!


One response to “W&R Studios “Hack Week” – Part 3

  1. Ugg, this was a bit painful to watch. The comments at around the 18 min. mark are probably the most on-point.

    Suggestion – think hard about the benefit to the consumer for giving up their (accurate) info. If you pivot your idea slightly, and frame it as an opportunity for the user to get more info about the property (i.e. property report, etc) when they check in/register, you’ve now created an immediate draw that makes it worthwhile for the user to provide real data. Think about the potential for the prospective client to get a cloud cma report on their smartphone even before they’ve left the property…

    Also, the comments around 18 min in also provide a good thinking point – very few of the open houses I’ve been to have been hosted by the listing agent – mainly they’ve been staffed by juniors within the same office. I’d suggest thinking through how to manage leads for both the listing agent’s “push” invites, vs. walk-ups. This probably also means branching the branding on the reports, since if I’m hosting the open house for another agent, I’m probably not going to be that eager to push a solution that doesn’t return leads to me for fresh clients.

    Note that I’m not a licensed agent, but I’ve spent 15+ years in the RE tech space (ipix, move, rpr, etc) so I’ve got a pretty good subject matter knowledge here. 🙂

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