W&R Studios’ “Hack Week” – Part 4. Vote!
Hack Week

W&R Studios’ “Hack Week” – Part 4. Vote!

So Ladies and Gentlemen… we are finally nearing the end of our “Hack Week” series. Over the past two weeks we have released Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of last month’s Hack Week. But here’s the thing, we really want your input! Yes, we are leaving it up to what our customers and friends really want and need... so before you vote, lets do a quick re-cap…

We split our developers into two teams, and gave them one week to make 2 new products. This is what they came up with:

Team One: “Cloud MLX”
Team one, made up of software developers Jon Druse and Paul Gustafson, created what we are currently calling “Cloud MLX”. What is Cloud MLX? Simply put it’s the faster, more beautiful way to search the MLS. It takes your MLS data and gets your clients to it faster and more beautifully, making you look awesome. If you missed the full post go check out what they created in Part 2’s post.

Team Two: “Cloud Open House”
Team two, made up of software developers Tory Brady and Derek Rush, created what we are calling “Cloud Open House”. Simply put, Cloud Open House is a beautiful way to track your Open House from start to finish, everytime. It takes a new, cool perspective on how Open Houses are currently promoted and handled. In case you missed the full post on “Cloud Open House” go HERE.

Now it’s time… Vote below for whichever product you think is best! We really need your input and look forward to seeing what you think. Let the best product win!

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6 responses to ‘W&R Studios’ “Hack Week” – Part 4. Vote!

  1. Hey Nat! Thanks for all the input. We always love to hear your honest thoughts about the tools that are available to you and what can improve! Our goal is to always create products that make your life easier. 🙂

  2. Let’s be honest, the CRMLS looks like a mangy dog. Any improvement you make (assuming all the same functionality) would be welcomed by 99% of Realtors. I like the concept of Cloud Open House, but there is already some good development in this space. The lead capture, aka “RSVP registration” function fails by giving out the address. The allure of visiting open houses is ambiguity. Which is not to say that lead capture “on site” isn’t an area that we’d all like to see better tools/processes developed for.

  3. Hey Claudia, thank YOU! We are so glad to hear that we can continue to make products that you are excited about. 🙂

  4. from where i’m standing in my Real Estate career this one seems more useful to me, for now…. thanks for being talented!!

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