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W+R Studios joins Lone Wolf Technologies, real estate’s leading tech provider

We’re thrilled to announce our acquisition by Lone Wolf Technologies, real estate’s leading tech provider. Together, our combined organization is creating an unprecedented tech suite for both agents and brokers and bringing a new real estate experience to life.


About Lone Wolf Technologies

Lone Wolf Technologies has been in the real estate game for over 30 years.

While the company is most known for its back office and accounting software, they have in the past five years come to lead the industry in transaction management software as well, with back-to-back acquisitions of zipLogix, the provider of the NAR member benefit Transactions (zipForm Edition), and Instanet Solutions, the provider of the state/local member benefit, Transactions (TransactionDesk Edition). The latter solution also powers the national member benefit in Canada, CREA WEBForms.

The company has also recently launched an exciting new initiative, Lone Wolf Marketplace, a curated library of integrated tools, service, and solutions that is free to access for agents and brokers using the national member benefit in the US. Lone Wolf’s also introduced end-to-end suites of solutions for each major stakeholder in the real estate industry: Agent Cloud, Broker Cloud, Team Cloud, Franchise Cloud, and Association Cloud.

All told, Lone Wolf’s solutions reach over 1.4 million real estate professionals, 20,000 offices, and 1,000 MLSs and associations across North America, all with a singular purpose: to help real estate professionals amaze their clients, build their business, and improve their profits.

What happens with the Cloud Agent Suite

Under the Lone Wolf banner, the Cloud Agent Suite has big things in store.

The first step is adding the suite, including Cloud CMA, to Lone Wolf’s Agent Cloud and Broker Cloud. This will be done through the both the agent and broker versions of Transactions (zipForm Edition), Transactions (TransactionDesk Edition), and Lone Wolf Marketplace. And there will be much more to come in the weeks and months following the acquisition.

Overall, the goal is quite simple: put our leading solutions together, and give agents, brokers, and MLSs and associations everything they need to improve their client experience in a single place.

Why did we join Lone Wolf?

It’s all about keeping agents and brokers at the center of the transaction.

Lone Wolf and W+R Studios share the same belief that agents, brokerages, MLSs, and associations are the bedrock of the real estate industry. But the world is changing. Consumers are evolving and the industry is becoming more and more competitive with a myriad of new business models seemingly every month.

So for agents and brokerages, it’s more important than ever to offer their buyers and sellers and experience they can’t get anywhere else.

That’s why we’re joining Lone Wolf. Collectively, our two organizations have the resources, knowledge, and technology to keep agents, brokers, MLSs, and associations at the heart of the transaction—where they belong.

Together, Lone Wolf and W+R Studios are proud to stand with the real estate industry and provide all of the essential tools they need for their buyers and sellers. So you can stand out from your competitors and remain the center of all real estate transactions in North America.  

Come celebrate with us and level up your client experience today!

We’re incredibly excited to join Lone Wolf, and we want you to be too.

Come celebrate with us and learn more about Lone Wolf’s suites of solutions in the links below. Whether you’re an agent, broker, or MLS or association executive, Lone Wolf can help you level up the real estate experience for buyers and sellers.


A complete set of digital tools for every aspect of your transactions


An end-to-end suite of solutions for your entire brokerage


Leading digital tools and features for your member benefit


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  1. Love the Cloud CMA. I have been using it since March. With Covid restrictions, it is a great way to interact with clients online. Much easier than going through a presentation with an n95 mask on. What I would like to see is a way to import a previous listing as the subject. We can do this with matrix, but not with cloud. It would be a tremendous add-on to the app.

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