W+R Studios’ Support Team is Growing

W+R Studios’ Support Team is Growing

W+R Studios recently added two new members to the support team. As our customer base continues to grow, we felt strongly about continuing to provide the same level of service to all of our customers, and the addition of two support reps allows us to do just that. Meet your two newest support reps.

Ricky RuizRicky
Tech Support Representative
“The Apple Whiz”

Ricky joins us as a very experienced tech support rep. His resume includes: GameStop, Amazon and Apple. While at Apple, Ricky supported the new Apple Watch and took care of warranties and product questions – so it’s safe to say he’ll quickly become our in-house Apple Watch expert! Ricky was born and raised in Northern California. He grew up in Oakland and now currently resides in Stockton. In his spare time he loves to play video games, watch sports, and is currently honing his video editing skills. He’s a true Northern California sports fan as some of his favorite teams are: the Golden State Warriors, Oakland A’s, and Oakland Raiders. We’re excited to have Ricky join our team and help us to continue to deliver excellent tech support.


Daniel Denton

Tech Support Representative
“The Bay Area Fanatic”

Daniel’s last name may sound familiar to you, as he is another support rep’s brother, Andrew.  He has worked for HP Enterprise on the support side where he handled anywhere from 60-250 calls a day. Like Ricky, he’s a true Northern California sports fan. Some of his favorite teams are the San Francisco 49ers, San Jose Sharks, San Francisco Giants, and the Sacramento Kings. Daniel is also a very busy full-time student studying business administration with a concentration in general management at Regent University. When he’s not studying, he’s either hiking,] or playing in his adult flag football league. We’re thrilled to add another Denton to our support team!


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