W&R Studios World Headquarters is getting signage!

I’m super excited to announce that the Design Board Review Committee of Huntington Beach approved our application for placing a “W&R Studios” sign on our building.


Our office is located on Main Street Huntington Beach, just 1 block from the pier. It’s visited by over 11 million people each year.

Dan and I have never had any building signage for any companies we started.

Here’s a mock up of what the sign will look like.

wrs sign 550

My inspiration for the signage came from buildings from the mid-century. I just love the way they would have free standing letters on awnings or attached to buildings.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 5.45.08 PM

The typeface I choose was Neutraface, from House Industries.

“Although better known for his residential buildings, Richard Neutra’s commercial projects nevertheless resonate the same holistic ecology-unity with the surrounding landscape and uncompromising functionalism. His attention to detail even extended to the selection of signage for his buildings. It is no wonder that Neutra specified lettering that was open and unobtrusive, the same characteristics which typified his progressive architecture.”

I especially love the upper case “E” in this typeface. The way the middle stroke of the E is drawn below the center of the letter is so cool. I wish the name of our company had a upper-case E. ; )

Although I did get to use the same typeface on our hand painted from door sign.


So now the work begins, we already have a sign company that is going to begin fabrication. They will be a sort of brushed aluminum, with subtle lighting at the bottom.

In future posts I’ll show some work in progress shots and the finished installation.


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