Cloud Streams

Go the Extra Mile for Your Clients with Curated Streams

Cloud Streams was designed to give you, the agent, an easy way to share new listings with your clients as soon as they hit the market. And since getting to new listings first is so important, we prioritized sending the fastest listing alerts in the industry so that you can provide the very best service to your clients. In fact, alerts sent via Cloud Streams have proven to be the fastest in the industry — faster than Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and even your MLS!

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Cloud CMA

Upgrade your CMAs and WIN this Year

With more than 500,000 real estate agents nationwide using Cloud CMA, it’s no secret that it’s the leading reporting tool in the industry. In minutes, you can create a full CMA report with data straight from the MLS that looks awesome to your clients, with little effort on your part! But being able to pull comps in minutes is really just half of what Cloud CMA can do. In addition, you can customize your CMA report to include pages with information about the selling or buying process. These content pages help you to confront common questions that your client might have about the real estate process head-on. Doing so helps you gain their trust and will in turn foster a better relationship between you and your client. 

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3 real estate trends to watch out for in 2020

Real estate is our world…We live it, curate it, we care for it and analyze it.

– Stefan Swanepoel, Chairman, and CEO of T3 Sixty 

The other day I was reading the current Swanepoel Trends Report for 2020 and this quote stopped me in my tracks. It felt so simple but I immediately knew it was also more than that. It was the word analyze that really got to me. As we wrap up this year, have you stopped to think and analyze where our industry is headed? 

After some research and reflection over what happened in our industry in 2019, here are the 3 major trends projected for 2020:

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Cloud Attract

The Hidden Secrets to Successful Networking

As an event planner, it’s fair to say that my day-to-day is probably a little different than your day as an agent. My day doesn’t consist of trying to close my next deal or looking for ways to generate leads so that I can land my next client. My focus as the Events Coordinator for W+R Studios is to plan and create opportunities for agents, just like you, to learn and explore the Cloud Agent Suite. 

But after working with so many of you, it got me to thinking about what similarities we might have – and that’s where my ‘lightbulb’ moment happened. Despite our differences, there is one big similarity between you and me that pretty much occurs everyday for us. What is it, you ask? 

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