Lead Generation

Cloud Agent Spotlight: Kacper Turek and His Unique Marketing Strategy

As a real estate agent, there are endless ways to market yourself and your business from print, to digital, word of mouth, billboards, and more! According to the National Association of Realtors, 56% of buyers 36 years old and younger found their homes online. So how do you go the extra mile and develop a unique marketing strategy that will help you stand out in the sea of other agents?

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5 Must-Follow Real Estate YouTubers

Digital marketing has drastically changed in the last decade. The rise of social media in the 2010s has been a game changer for small companies and entrepreneurs who now have full control of their marketing strategy at little to no cost. Why is this relevant to you? Because real estate is not just about selling listings, it’s also about connecting with consumers and other real estate agents. Therefore, selling your brand is just as important as selling a home. And one of the most effective ways to do that in this digital age is to gain a following through social media.

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Bookmark These 4 Photography Websites

A good photographer is always in touch with the latest innovations, trends, and equipment in the market, not to mention, constantly improving their technique. This especially rings true for DIY real estate photographers. Now that you know what equipment to use and the basic rules of photography, here are some great websites (in no particular order) that will help keep you up to date on everything photography. Best of all, they have great real estate sections!

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