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  • A real-time usage dashboard. See sample
  • Easy on-boarding process for all your agents
  • Includes direct support from W+R Studios
  • Branded Theme for all agents
  • Create your own Custom Covers
  • Compare all Cloud CMA Editions. See chart

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“Cloud CMA's intuitive interface gives agents the freedom to customize their listing presentations while maintaining a consistent look and feel for our brand. What's more, the Cloud CMA team is knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. We are thrilled with Cloud CMA's broker product.”

- Aman Daro, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Red Oak Realty
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The Importance of Branding for Real Estate Brokers

As a real estate Broker you and your agents are your brand. You need prospective and existing clients to identify with your brand to get listings, referrals and repeat business. Stand out among the other companies and teams with powerful reports and powerful branding.

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Cloud CMA vs. Toolkit CMA (Realty Toolkit)

Since Toolkit CMA (Realty Toolkit) was one of the first online CMA applications, we get a lot of questions about how Cloud CMA compares to Toolkit CMA. Brokers are often interested in comparing and contrasting the products before deciding to offer Cloud CMA to their agents.

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Real Estate Brokers, iPads, and Listing Presentations!

As a broker it’s important to make sure your agents have the right tools for the job. iPads and tablets are quickly becoming one the best tools for sales professionals ever created. While mobile phones are great for quick communications like voicemail, email, or text, an iPad is truly superior when used as a presentation tool.

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Broker ipad

When your agents perform well, you reap the benefits. Help equip your team with the real estate CMA software that will make your agents and your brand look the very best in front of clients. Cloud CMA has a solution for your office to make it happen.

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