The Importance of Branding for Real Estate Brokers

As a real estate Broker you and your agents are your brand. You need prospective and existing clients to identify with your brand to get listings, referrals and repeat business. Stand out among the other companies and teams with powerful reports and powerful branding.

Real Estate Rock Star: I Wanna be in the Brand!

How can you become the well-known real estate team in your area? Do you look at the most successful Brokers in your area and wonder what they are doing to be so far ahead?

One of the most common characteristics of very successful "rock star" real estate teams is a strong brand. Their brand is more than a logo and promotional materials. Their brand is in everything they do and is the foundation of how they do business. We want you to be in your brand. So how do you get there?

Developing Your Brand

You may already have a strong brand and be the number one Broker in your area. If so, skip ahead and sign up for Cloud CMA now. You already know how to improve even the best branding with powerful tools like ours. The rest of you may be having a "brand identity crisis" and we want to help you find your brand.

Developing a brand may sound overwhelming at first, but it's really as simple as knowing who you are as a Broker, and creating a brand that revolves around your specialties, team work ethic and values, and strengths. These are the things you should already know about you, your team, and your company.

Start by writing down the things you want to be recognized for, such as working with luxury homes, short sale experts, integrity, level of experience, etc. What are the things you think are most important for your clients to know? Once you’ve figured this out, build your brand - that is everything you do - around these characteristics and talents.

In a strong brand, your fonts, colors, logos, and any design elements will follow your identity, not the other way around.

Integrating Your Brand in All You Do

Your marketing materials should reflect your brand, both in style and what you deliver. Be consistent and predictable in all the best ways for your clients and the agents on your team. By providing the best information in an easy to understand format, with your branding on it, is the best way to earn the business and recognition your brokerage deserves.

How can Cloud CMA help you look good as a brand?

Our real estate CMA software helps your agents create stunning reports in just minutes. Your team can create CMA's, Buyer Tours, Property Reports, and Flyers from their computer or mobile device quickly and with data fed directly from your MLS.

Each CMA, Buyer Tour, Property Report, and Flyer is branded to you. You can do a one-time set up of your photo, fonts, colors, and any custom content you want included in each report. This means your message and brand identity comes through consistently every time.

Whether you are looking to improve your business and brand identity or you are starting from scratch, Cloud CMA is the real estate CMA tool you need to reach your goals. View our demo and plan options now.

How can you start creating reports and presentations with Cloud CMA today? Request a quote below and begin making great first impressions that last. Look awesome in front of your clients!

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