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Generate Your Own Leads.

With Cloud Attract you engage potential buyers and sellers with beautiful landing pages that automatically respond with a home valuation, CMA, or listing alerts.

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Professionally designed templates.

Choose one of ours or customize your own.

A circular grid of bubbles with line-drawn faces float around concentric rings with the logos of prominent social media platforms floating amidst the background.

The best leads come from your sphere of influence.

According to a recent study, 86% of brokers said that organic leads from an agent’s sphere of influence have the best ROI compared to those generated by listing portals.  In the same study brokers cited social media sites, like Facebook, as an exceptional way for agents to engage with their sphere.  Cloud Attract is a simple and elegant way to spark potentials sellers and buyers.

Attract sellers.

An illustration of a house with a red door and a dollar sign within a teardrop shaped pin that floats directly above the roof of the house.

What’s my home worth?

It’s proven to be one of the strongest calls to action in real estate marketing. Cloud Attract landing pages take the latest data from consumer research and translates it into images and copy that speak to today’s buyers and sellers. Give clients the immediacy they expect, as Cloud Attract instantly delivers either a Home Value Range or a detailed Cloud CMA report.

Attract buyers.

A bearded hipster sits at his laptop day-dreaming of his perfect home.

Beautiful listing alerts.

In today’s home buying process you can expect most consumers will be using online resources in their search. With built-in integration with Cloud Streams, your clients can set up the fastest and most accurate listing alerts that come directly from the MLS. Make sure your client is the first to know when their dream home hits the market.


Super fast and easy. Create landing pages in a less than 10 seconds.

Create unlimited landing pages in a snap.

Choose a design, pick your fields, and choose a deliverable. That’s it. You can even customize our gorgeous templates to fit your branding and market niches.

A grid of landing page templates is displayed.

Give them what they came looking for.

With an instant Home Value Range, you've set the relationship off on the right tone. You've also given yourself enough flexibility to follow up about what makes their home unique and narrow down on that range with your professional opinion.

The screen displays the question 'What should we deliver to the seller', along with a selection option for 'Home Value Range'.

Connect your favorite apps.

Deliver a Cloud CMA report to a seller. Deliver a Cloud Streams invitation to a buyer. You're on a roll now, so don't forget to track your page with Google Analytics and place a call-to-action button on your Wordpress site.

A grid of cards with red checkmarks in their top-left corner are displayed, each featuring a single integration option from among Cloud CMA, Cloud Streams, Google Analytics, and WordPress.

One-click sharing.

Those landing pages aren't going to post themselves, but we've made it as easy as possible with quick sharing buttons that make your pages immediately visible to your audience.

Cloud Attract's one-click sharing screen is displayed, with options to share your newly created landing page with an embeddable code, through Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Sales are looking up.

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