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Streams model
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Lightning alerts that will delight your buyers

Large photos = Big impression

Buyers are very visual when it comes to assessing the market. Our email alerts put photos center stage.

Worth a glance

Our listing alerts have been designed for easy scanning of important details, and making quick decisions.

Instant Feedback

Clients can like a listing directly inside of the email. Engaging your clients has never been so well integrated.

Your branding

Emails are completely branded to you. You'll be proud of putting your name on these awesome emails.

In the know

Spot trends and stay in the loop of what your clients are up to as they search for their next home.


When your clients like what they see, you'll be alerted immediately by email so you can follow up.


When your client comments on a listing, you can reply right away by email without signing in.

Activity Summary

Every week, you're sent an email recapping your clients' views, likes, and trends.

Compare with your MLS

Modern alerts for modern buyers

Engage today’s savvy buyers with listing alerts that are easy to scan, preview, and act on. Stop sending plain ugly emails from your MLS.

We give a flick

People love to scroll. That’s why we designed Cloud Streams to behave like most modern social feeds. Just flick.

Real-time alerts

Today’s buyers are “always on” and expect tools that give them instant notifications about what’s going on in the market.

We actually deliver

Our deliverability rate is high because we follow only the highest standards in permission-based email marketing techniques.

Your MLS just learned to text

Cloud Streams is the only listing alert system that will send real-time text messages when new listings hits the MLS.

Built for speed

Designed from the ground up to be the fastest listing alert system in the industry. Faster than Zillow, Trulia, Redfin,, and even your MLS.

Sales Are Looking Up

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