Real Estate Brokers, iPads, and Listing Presentations!

As a broker it's important to make sure your agents have the right tools for the job. iPads and tablets are quickly becoming one the best tools for sales professionals ever created. While mobile phones are great for quick communications like voicemail, email, or text, an iPad is truly superior when used as a presentation tool.

How are your agents using their iPads?

As a broker, you want your agents to perform their best at each and every listing presentation they attend - so it's up to you to make sure your agents are getting the most out of their iPad. Are they using an iPad for listing presentations? If not, or you don't know, then it's time to find out.

The answer isn't just to get your agents using an iPad or tablet on their listing presentations - it's part of the bigger goal of actually winning the listing. As a broker, it's your responsibility to make sure your agents are properly using their tablet. Educate your agents and make sure they understand that their iPad is simply a tool to assist them. It's still up to them to win the listing!

But as their broker, you can still lend a hand.

3 tips brokers can give their agents to maximize the effectiveness of using an iPad or tablet at a listing presentation

  1. Simplify the presentation.
    The iPad should be a tool to streamline the listing presentation, not add another layer of information to complicate the decision. One of the best uses of an iPad is to show comps. Agents can pinch and zoom to show why other houses sold at a certain price and how that affected the suggested list price on their home.
  2. Avoid "chartoons".
    Many real estate tools are overloaded with charts, graphs, and data that it’s sometimes impossible to make any sense of it. Focus more on simplicity and a subtle guide to drive the conversation.
  3. The iPad is simply a tool.
    Sales is still sales. Agents still need to know the basics of overcoming objections and closing. Ideally the content of your iPad listing presentation should help them accomplish these tasks as well.

There are countless ways that brokers will benefit from implementing iPad listing presentations in their office. At W+R Studios, we build tools to help brokers increase their business. Our flagship product, Cloud CMA, includes an interactive iPad listing presentation. This is just one way Cloud CMA can help you differentiate your brokerage and have your agents stand out in the marketplace.

How can you start creating reports and presentations with Cloud CMA today? Request a quote below to get started and begin making great first impressions that last. Look awesome in front of your clients!

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