Real Estate Broker Testimonials for Cloud CMA

When your agents perform well, you reap the benefits. Help equip your team with the real estate CMA software that will make your agents and your brand look the very best in front of clients. Cloud CMA has a solution for your office to make it happen.

Portrait of Charity Goetzinger

“I met with a newer agent last week who didn’t feel he needed to learn Cloud CMA. I told him that if he liked our in-house program, then was going to love Cloud CMA. I worked with him personally to get set-up on Cloud CMA and asked him to try it for his new listing appointment. I received an email from him this morning saying he used Cloud CMA, and got the listing!”

- Charity Goetzinger, Management Consultant, John L. Scott Real Estate
Portrait of Floyd Scott

“There is so much more than what meets the eye with Cloud CMA. In just minutes you can create a fully customizable, enhanced, visually appealing presentation that looks like you spent hours on it. Our 'non-techie' agents love how easy the system is to use, and our custom theme brings a level of professionalism that sets us apart from other companies. Furthermore, the Buyer Tours and Property Reports really add to the level of service our agents can provide to their clients. Not only was I blown away with the product itself, but the support and training we have received from Cloud CMA has been overwhelmingly positive. Choosing to provide Cloud CMA to my agents has been one of the best decisions I have made.”

- Floyd Scott, Broker/Owner, Century 21 Arizona Foothills
Portrait of Jennifer Lind

“Both our executive team and our agents have been so impressed with Cloud CMA and their team. As a company we have been thrilled with the ease of use, training, support, and hands on help we have gotten from the Cloud CMA team. They have made it so easy for us deliver a resource that our agents instantly rave about. The customization and integration was handled beautifully by the Cloud CMA team. They met the timelines they gave us and worked very well with our staff. Once we were up and running is when their attention to client care really showed. It has been so wonderful for our agents to be able to email, post, or call with questions. The levels of support and quick response times have been vital during the initial rollout period. As far as our company's access to our account contact (Damon Alton), he has gone above and beyond to provide support, strategy, and solutions from minor issues to major requests. This program has been a win for all of us and we are truly grateful.”

- Jennifer Lind, Programs Implementation Manager, John L. Scott Real Estate
Portrait of Aman Daro

“Cloud CMA's intuitive interface gives agents the freedom to customize their listing presentations while maintaining a consistent look and feel for our brand. What's more, the Cloud CMA team is knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. We are thrilled with Cloud CMA's broker product.”

- Aman Daro, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Red Oak Realty
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