Cloud CMA Real Estate Software vs.
Toolkit CMA (Realty Toolkit)

Since Toolkit CMA (Realty Toolkit) was one of the first online CMA applications, we get a lot of questions about how Cloud CMA compares to Toolkit CMA. Brokers are often interested in comparing and contrasting the products before deciding to offer Cloud CMA to their agents.

To help you choose which product is right for you, we have put together a comparative list of Cloud CMA vs. Toolkit CMA that you can see below. We also invite you to attend one of our live daily Cloud CMA webinars. Your webinar host will provide a comprehensive overview of Cloud CMA as well as allow an opportunity for questions at the end. To register for a webinar, click here.

After talking with many agents and brokers who have switched from Toolkit CMA to Cloud CMA, their reasons for doing so are simple:

1. Cloud CMA has a more modern interface.
The User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX) of Cloud CMA is synonymous with modern websites they use daily. If you are a current user of Toolkit CMA you'll see the difference right away.

2. Cloud CMA integrates MLS data automatically - all in one step
We want you to be the judge. To get a good idea of how Cloud CMA works you can check out this short video.

3. Cloud CMA works seamlessly with your iPad without the use of additional software.
Many agents now embrace tablets as an essential tool for their real estate business. All CMAs created with Cloud CMA can be viewed on an iPad, in an interactive format, without any additional resources. To view a sample interactive Cloud CMA, click here (Best viewed on a tablet, but will also work on any computer).

There are many other features and benefits of Cloud CMA real estate software. Including the ability to custom brand your Cloud CMA reports. If you represent a large office, broker, or franchise we would love to set up a one on one demo to show you how Cloud CMA can benefit your agents. We have flexible pricing and are committed to excellent customer service. Just click here to request a time.

How can you start creating reports and presentations with Cloud CMA today? Request a quote below to get started and begin making great first impressions that last. Look awesome in front of your clients!

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