Win more listings with more ways to sell.

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Position yourself as the expert.
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Give sellers options

Educate sellers on their options, and guide them to what best fits their needs

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Unlock contingent buyers

Help clients meet contingencies and avoid risk of buyer financing fall-through

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Accelerate the sale

Get an offer in 24 hours, and deliver a convenient sale with no prep or showings

How it works
Step 1 - Create Cloud CMA
Step 1

Create Cloud CMA

Create a Cloud CMA on the subject property. If the home qualifies, you'll now see the option to get a competitive cash offer from Opendoor in one seamless experience.

Step 2 - Verify property details
Step 2

Verify Property Details

Provide information on the home features, interior and exterior condition, and upgrades or renovations. (Hint: Photos help!) Opendoor will make an offer on eligible homes within 24 hours.

Step 3 - Present two ways to sell
Step 3

Present 2 Ways to Sell

At the listing appointment, compare the tradeoffs of selling to Opendoor vs listing on the open market. Guide your sellers based on their unique needs and timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Opendoor's mission is to empower everyone with the freedom to move. They've built technology to simplify the process of buying, selling, or trading in a home—whether it's through their product or the service of agents like you. They operate in 20 markets across the US.

Opendoor is often credited with launching the iBuyer movement in real estate. Opendoor enables sellers to get a competitive cash offer on their home without months of showings and risk of buyer financing fall-through. Agents can request a free, no obligation offer for sellers through their Cloud CMA dashboard or Opendoor's website

Cloud CMA and Opendoor are both focused on using technology to simplify and modernize real estate. We share a commitment to making the process of selling a home more convenient for agents and transparent for consumers. We are bringing together the power of Cloud Agent Suite's CMA tool with the scale of Opendoor's iBuyer service to create an entirely new experience. Together, our platforms help real estate agents look like experts in front of their clients.

Agents in Phoenix and Atlanta can now seamlessly present homeowners with more options for selling during their listing appointment. Agents have already been making great first impressions with professional presentations from Cloud CMA. Now, they can elevate their presentations with a competitive cash offer from Opendoor, and guide sellers to the option that best suits their needs.

No, Opendoor will make a free, no-obligation offer on any eligible home.

Opendoor will honor the listing agreements you have with your clients. Your client pays you the listing commission, just like any other transaction, and pays Opendoor's brokerage the buying commission. We deduct the buyer agent commission from our service charge.

If you don't have a listing agreement in place, agents can earn a 1% bonus for referring a home seller to Opendoor's brokerage. You may be eligible if you aren't already receiving a listing commission and your client hasn't requested an offer in the last 30 days. Learn more

When you request an offer from Opendoor, you'll provide your contact information, not your seller's. Opendoor will deliver the offer to you and work with you directly throughout the transaction.

If a seller requests an offer from Opendoor directly and their home is listed on the MLS, or if they indicate they're working with an agent, Opendoor will send the offer directly to the listing agent and continue all communications directly with the agent.

The privacy of your and your sellers' information is important to both Cloud CMA and Opendoor. If you are presented with the option for an Opendoor offer in your Cloud CMA dashboard, your seller may qualify for an Opendoor offer based on their home address. Cloud CMA will not share your seller's name or your contact information with Opendoor.

Opendoor wants to consistently make competitive offers and provide an excellent customer experience, which is why they are specific about the types of homes they buy and markets where they buy them. Agents can request an offer on a seller's home at any time through their Cloud CMA dashboard or Opendoor's website; it's free, and there's no obligation to accept. Get in touch if you'd like more information.

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